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What Are The Best Investment Opportunities?

Here we have the best investment opportunities summarized for you, but they are dependant on various features such as duration (is it a short-term or long-term opportunity?), types (savings, annuities, bonds, stocks, bank products etc.) and the desired level of involvement plus relative risk and growth factors. So consider the below as some potential possibilities for your portfolio, whether you’re starting off from scratch or adding to your existing folder strategically for further financial growth and freedom!

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First, let’s keep in mind that your monetary goals and timeline should be kept in mind. Are you seeking immediate gains or a slow burning and safe return? These factors greatly influence the relative suitability of options. So if you haven’t done this little exercise yet, go ahead and take pen to paper and record the facts for your perspective. Ask yourself, “How much do I have to Invest?”, “What limitations or restrictions am I facing?”. These kinds of candid questions can help you to determine what choice is ultimately better for you.


Go ahead, grab a tea or coffee, get comfortable, and consider some of the best options for consideration below:



While risky and entirely dependant on good planning, insight and execution, the rewards are potentially substantial, both fiscally and in terms of lifestyle and day to day benefits. Starting a business is not for everyone, but for those who are born leaders and prefer being their own boss, it’s a perfect blend of opportunities for solid return on investment and freedom. A Franchise business such as a restaurant startup is one supported style that works for many and reduces risks.

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 Real Estate

The age old commercial staple money maker can be very profitable when research and due diligence is done in-depth. You can both buy property and rent it out to tenants or purchase to restore or renovate, increasing property value.



This is a contract insurance product that is a replacement option for pension to regular income. It’s important to shop around as providers offer various rates. There are variables to suit multiple requirements (i.e. spouse and single) or enhanced annuity for those who are facing illness. 


 Bank Products

Everyone knows about the usual methods of money saving like checking accounts, personal savings and more but there are also other variables that are of benefit such as Certificates of Deposits and bespoke offers per banking institution. It’s worthwhile asking your bank what’s on offer so you can take advantage of great interest rates and unique terms.



Usually bonds are low to moderate risk options (dependant on bond source and industry). As a later-pay debt security, this option works well for slow-burn, immediate retrieve needs such as lump sum payments for medical, school or other needs.


 With lots of Options, ensure that you choose what's best for you.

 Mutual Funds

This is a collaborative style venture which brings people together via cumulative portfolio deposit in various types (stocks, bonds, etc). The ongoing management fees can detract from the overall opportunity however there are diversification strengths and countless offerings.



A moderate risk investment about government currencies and their relative transfer buy. A strong understanding of pattern prediction is of the utmost importance for success in this prospect.


Certificate of Deposits

This is sold by banks worldwide, credit institutions and thrift groups too. Classified as insured savings or deposits, it’s essentially a risk-free engagement.


 Company Stocks 

A variable and context dependant type, these shares equate to ownership in part of the relevant company. It’s important to have good relative knowledge of the business as risk of loss or win is dependant on company performance.



These include agricultural, livestock, metals and energy but they can also include soft-commodities such as coffee and wheat. Commodities are helpful in portfolio diversification however are better placed as long-term options and not short to mid term opportunities.


Consider your options and take time to research what works for you. It’s in your best interest!


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