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Is the Pizza Franchise profit margin worth the investment?

There’s a high investment cost to owning a pizza franchise, however, we wanted to take a look at whether the pizza franchise profit margin is really worth the investment. The price of buying a pizza as a customer can be considered fairly costly, with most pizza franchise stores charging around £13.99 for a standard Margherita pizza. If we take a look at the domino’s pizza franchise profit margin, they are likely paying around 60p for a pizza base, 20p for a ladle of tomato sauce, and 60p for the cheese topping, costing the pizza franchise around £1.40. The domino’s pizza franchise profit margin equates to 900% at £12.59 profit – it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the pizza franchise profit margin is simply extraordinary!

Pizza Franchise profit

Although the setup for a pizza franchise is essentially established for franchisees, there are more factors to consider to ensure a high and worthwhile pizza franchise profit margin. Location is key; having enough customers is what will drive profit and increase companies, like pizza hut franchise profit margin and domino’s pizza franchise profit margin. High quality systems must be in place for the pizza franchise to work successfully; most will provide the equipment, but it’s essential to keep an eye on it to ensure your pizza franchise competes successfully with others.

Although most pizza franchises across the UK will have a standardised menu, it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s good to keep thinking outside the box, in order to ensure a healthy pizza franchise profit margin.

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