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How to Open A Restaurant

Assuming that all contractual and technical business plan components of a restaurant opening are sorted, what’s then left to manage, are the practical (and arguably, more fun) hands-on elements! Fluid operational activities require extensive planning and production, so it’s important that by the time a formal restaurant opening day comes, all of the foundational work is already complete and in full affect.

Make no mistake, opening a restaurant is a major commitment and a full-time undertaking. If there was ever any doubt about the ongoing efforts and sacrifices required, just watch any restaurant series by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay or have a chat with your local, experienced franchise owner, they’ll tell you it is hard work! Starting a business of any kind is certainly a labor of love.


But just because a restaurant startup involves a lot of leg work, doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it. Restaurants open worldwide, every day, born out of passion, dedication and a hunger for excellence and optimal services delivery, within the food and beverage industry. 


In order to secure success, it’s necessary for restaurateurs to acquire the right kinds and relevant types of operational support. This includes reputable industry resources and consultations with supportive, experienced food and beverage professionals who really know what they’re doing and have a vested interest in your success.


The reason that a wide affiliation network is recommended is because, while on the surface opening a restaurant may seem enchanting and look alluring, the underbelly amounts to lots of paperwork, book-keeping, administration, account management and marketing.


Let’s not forget to mention the day to day practicalities such as shift organization, human resources, occupational health and safety, training, insurances, menus and so much more.


The Broccoli Pizza and Pasta Family Franchise wants to make opening a restaurant easy for you, so we’ve got the most important 4 Key Steps of restaurant startup here for you, so you can get right into the finer details and get final implementation done, for a grand opening!


Here goes:


How to Open A Restaurant

 Opening a Restaurant is a Labour of Love. It requires a lot of planning, but it's worth it in the end!


4 Key Steps on How to Open A Restaurant


Step 1:    Secure an Excellent Menu

If you’re part of a Franchise business your food concept will be predominately predetermined (more often than not!). If your business is independent and you have free creative reign, try to firm-up a food concept as soon as possible! It will make menu planning and implementation much easier and give you more time and resources for other pertinent activities!

Your menu should be accessible to your desired client base so consider what your competitors menus are made up of and what’s missing, also think about what skilled cooks you’ll need and also consider particular preparation methods (and tools) you’ll need for optimum delivery and consistency.


Step 2:    Internal and External Décor

Opening a restaurant requires a really solid décor plan, which can even include the entire image and presentation (such as staff uniforms, glassware, images and furniture). It’s important to leave this in the hands of a décor professional if you’re managing an independent business, otherwise, styling, painting and preparing can detract from a fast restaurant opening!

If you’re part of a franchise then this may be something pre-planned and therefore very helpful for a fast, expedited configuration.
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Step 3:    Cross-check your Business Plan

Is there anything that your business plan has missed? Any ways you could be saving money (in contracts and services) or benefits (like staff training) you could use?


Have a business consultant (preferably a food and beverage expert) review your finances, commitments, plans and exit strategy. It’s important to check, double-check and triple-check the strength of your plan – success (or failure) is riding on it!


Step 4:    Prepare a Dynamic Restaurant Opening

When you’re finally ready for your formal restaurant opening, be sure to have all of your new restaurant features, employees, operations and procedures on-point! You want your opening to be well-received so it’s a good idea to contact the Franchisee (if it’s a Franchise), for supporting goods and marketing, or, if it’s your own independent business, consider hiring a public relations guru to establish positive press and interest for your first day!


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